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ECVET MobiliTy Net

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Project summary

Our partnership concerns the collaboration of a guide of best practices and of a network of organizations specialized in the management of mobility programs for Persons in the Labour Market and the setting up of an ECVET recognition for our beneficiaries.

Specific objectives
• To analyze and exchange the professional practices of the partners in order to increase the knowledge about the specific reality of the mobility in the different countries
• To think about the guidance process within the framework of mobility programs, giving priority to the standardization of formative experiences
• To introduce in the discussion, the interns’ point of view about the mobility management in order to adapt the new procedures to their needs and interests
• To promote the certification and recognition of mobility experiences in the Labour Market, and its estimation in the professional guidance processes thanks to the ECVET system
• To establish common procedures in the management of mobility experiences based on the recommendations of the European Quality Charter for Mobility
• To create a protocol for analyzing the professional practice of the guidance organizations involved in the management of European mobility programs, taking as reference the European Quality Charter for Mobility
• To optimize the running of mobility programs management in order to make these experiences professionally profitable for the participants and make them be recognized in the Labour Market thanks to the ECVET system 
• To compile and share best practices in order to increase the quality of mobility guidance and management
• To create a network of partners working according to quality criteria
• To create a link between mobility operators, employment agencies and local authorities in order to build a coherent career for every beneficiary (Person in the Labour Market) of a mobility program with all institutions involved in the follow-up of the person.


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